It has been three years of having this website that I have decided to make this my main news spot for updates.  I have recently gotten off social media to back away from the negativity and reevaluate my priorities in life.  As much as I love connecting with so many of you, I found that I was spending most of my time talking with clients and not my family.  I was spending time writing posts and not my next novel and I was watching slightly obsessively others live their lives and I was not living my own.   Once the realization hit, it was a no brainer what had to happen.  Then voila, goodbye social media, hello family and new blog post and real updates.


I am on a electronic purge and sabbatical so, be patient with me, but I hope to have updates shortly when I begin to find some regularity in life.  Cheers to you and wish me luck as I pour my heart onto pages in the garden.


With love, Gracie