No one else can write the story inside your soul.

My name is Gracie and I am an entrepreneur by trade. I keep myself busy by being a mom, partner, animal lover, writer, teacher, healer and energy consultant among other things. I have an addiction to iced chocolate chai's and chip cookies that my workouts do not cure and an insatiable love for stories.  I write stories your soul will miss.


"To be inspiring, you must first be inspired." - Morgan Freeman.


Every morning, I get up before the house and sit, drink my tea, and write all the thoughts that come to mind. Sometimes, those thoughts are pure junk, but occasionally, I am gifted with the beginnings of a new story that needs to be told. I love to write all sorts of books, but the unexplained and paranormal romances are my current obsession.


Real life is so full of ups and downs and crazy turns, that I often escape into a good story to unwind. I know that I love that feeling of falling in love and being apart of an adventure that ends in a happy ending. This is what I hope to give others through my writing.  


Enjoy as you look around and I hope you leave inspired.