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Incarnation Series: Book 2: Moors Deep

      Follow Anora to the Moors of Scotland, where she reincarnates and meets some unlikeyly friends that teach her how to use her power.  Warriam, her Masi, must race to find her hidden soul, before Seethus finds and claims the love of his existance.


Guardian Series: Book 1: Drucca

     Mage is an exiled witch who's only companion is her Doberman, until a wild storm blows in an unlikly visitor, Drucca, Northern Guardian and Dragon Shifter.  A forbidden romance will strengthen the broken bond between humans and guardians as they fight the evil sorceress who seeks to hunt down and kill the guardians. 


Gatekeeper Series: Book 1: Xander

     Liona is an independent homebody that goes out clubbing with a friend.  In her misery, she meet Xander, an attractive bouncer who is an undercover Garlycan enforcer, looking for evil vampires.  When Xander realizes Liona went missing from the club, he will stop at nothing to rescue her from the evils of his world.


Year Round Write-in Journal for Adults

     366 Days of journal prompts to help free the mind and get the creative juices flowing while asking introspective questions to learn more about yourself.