About the Author

Gracie Smith is a curious and intuitive journaler, as well as a paranormal romance and interdimensional romance writer, and leads her life with the purpose to bring compassion, understanding and acceptance to those around her. She has an Associates Degree with emphasis in Holistic Health, a Massage Therapy Certificate, Reflexology Certificate and Herbology Certificate.  After a decade away from school, Gracie will recieve her Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing, and will persue her Masters Degree in Special Education. 

Gracie became an Indy Author in 2016 with Preciously Corrected with a tribute to women who had lost a child.  In 2020 she published her first fiction novel Etched In Stone, and is due to release the second in the series within the year.  Gracie enjoys exploring the realms of the paranormal genre, particularly twin flames, collective energy, gargoyles, witches, lycans and anything other worldly. Gracie enjoys writing by the river, journaling, gardening and being inspired by her children.  She believes, life is so full of ups and downs and crazy turns, that it is necessary for all to escape into a good story to unwind.