Interdimensional Travel Romance

I write stories your soul will miss.  -Gracie

Etched In Stone

Incarnation Series: Book 1

Anora has never fit in with her peers, but has been desperate to experience life as other people do.  As an orphan with a secret, her guardian Kreo, master weaver of souls, hid them on an unlikely planet that kept curious eyes out.  It wasn't until a military vessel of the CORE arrived that she would get her chance for adventure. 


Warriam is a high ranking soldier for the CORE, that landed on the planet Leda to teach a group of new recruits.  The last thing he was looking for was love or someone to protect.  It wasn't until he witnessed a group of men attacking a woman that Warriam came to her rescue and discovered Anora's and her secret, but loving her would put him in danger from Seethus, the tyrant terrorizing the universe.


To protect Warriam, Anora made the decision to hide her soul on Earth, among humans until the threat of her secret is hidden once again.  Against Kreo's advice, Warriam is determined to find Anora, even if he has to search every planet, in every dimension across time.  She was the one thing he didn't know he needed and refused to give up.  He vowed to find where she was Incarnated and get her back.


Coming Soon:

Incarnation Series: Book 2: Moors Deep


     Follow Anora to the Moors of Scotland, where she reincarnates and meets some unlikeyly friends that teach her how to use her power.  Warriam, her Masi, must race to find her hidden soul, before Seethus finds and claims the love of his existance.