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Why hello there,

I have never been good with blogs, so please be patient with me as I update you on the world of Gracie.  I have been writing since I was in the second grade.  I wrote seven stories that were published by a mom in our class who so generously gave her time to make covers out of wallpaper and cardboard, so that we got this amazingly beautiful finished product, filled with pages of our imagination.  I have written out dreams into full stories, changed endings to what I thought they should be and created stories I wished would have happen in real life, but I gave it all up when I was a teenager after someone very close to me said, "If you keep writing, you will never find the love you write about."  In my youth, I believed it was a choice between writing, which is my soul's expression, or finding love.  As a teenager, there was no choice at all.  Love it was.


As an older woman who has survived many heartaches, I have come to realize that, that comment built up so many walls between me and my writing.  Yet, it was warning me to know the difference between creating the perfect man in my writing, and dating, loving and sharing life with a far from perfect man in real life.  It was a gesture to help me understand the difference.  It wasn't until fifteen years ago that I was able to break down that barrirer and write again.  I hope anyone who has questioned their own abilities, thought they were not good enough or had to make a choice between their passion and their life, circle back to it and find the lesson within.


Today, I have written three novels, am working on my fourth and enjoying the process.  I went back to school for my BA in Creative Writing and have come across some amazing writers and some not so nice inspirers, which only means they need to find their way back in their own circle.  People who are confident within themselves and realize that it is not a competition to write or create, will encourage others in their craft, no matter what it is.  For we all create different stories for different people about different things.  When we realize and believe this, is when acceptance and understanding for all kick in and we begin to encourage not detour others from their craft.


This lesson has lead me to my purpose in life, "To lead life with acceptance and teach compassion and understanding as I go."  This is why I am persuing my MA in Special Education, so I can protect those who can not protect themselves, through compassion as I teach others to have it as well. 


In my writing, I am drawn to the paranormal, interdimensional travel, multi gods/goddesses, one-and-only, twin flame, soul mate, forever kind of romance, side of writing.  And through these amazing myths I write stories your soul will miss.


With that, I am off to write more on Drucca, a novel about a Dragon Guardian and an exiled witch.  Happy writing friends.  Always be compassionate.

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